Because of the unforeseen nature of some emergencies, no one can fully guarantee that you will receive a timely notification every time. Stay informed by also monitoring other reliable public safety warning and information systems (such as television and radio). You may also subscribe to local text alerts to your mobile device (see WHERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO NIXLE TEXT ALERTS under the Pages list below).


PURPOSE:  This blog was established to provide a source of time sensitive and emergency information on an incident in progress.  It is not configured for receiving information or comments from the public, and is not a monitored site.

RESPONSIBILITY:  It is administered by the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center, and updated as often as possible.  The content is the official business of the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management.  More information can be found at  The official web presence for this department is

LINKS:  Jefferson County is not responsible for the content of other sites.  Links to external web sites are for convenience purposes only.

NOTE:  Circumstances beyond our control may delay or limit the information posted here.  This should be only one of your sources of information.  Other direct information sources, such as the web sites of the official government agencies involved in the incident (i.e. National Weather Service, Tsunami Warning Center, etc.) will add to what you will need to know about the problem.  Take personal responsibility for keeping informed.

The advantage of this blog is it is local information as it applies to Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend.  It not only defines the problem, but offers suggestions as to what to do about it.  It will also include important information on how to get relief assistance after a disaster.

Bookmark this site for easy access during an incident in progress.  You might also consider establishing an RSS feed to alert you to updates (use the "subscribe to" tab at the bottom of this page).

For further information about the emergency information blog contact Bob Hamlin, Director, Jefferson County (Washington) Department of Emergency Management at 360-385-9368.